Last One Standing

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"Last One Standing"

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Echoes Of Dawn

Echoes Of Dawn

Our debut album is available in our webshop as digipak

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The songtexts from Echoes Of Dawn can now be found on our website!

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Black Friday Sale

On this friday we will have a Black Friday sale in our webshop. You can get your copy of Echoes Of Dawn 7,50 or the Circle Of Chaos t-shirt for 10 euro's, and several other products are for sale as well.

The discounts are only valid on until sunday the 25th 23:59.

New single

We're exited to inform you dat we have a new single coming up within less than 2 weeks. On May 25 we will release "Last One Standing" on Spotify, Youtube and various other online platforms. And if you want to hear it earlier, be sure to come to our show in Groene Engel this Friday!

Supporting Izegrim and Carnation

We are very pleased to tell you that we will be supporting Izegrim and Carnation at De Groene Engel in Oss on the 18th of May. Make sure to get your tickets and be there!

Time scedule:
20:30 Doors
20:40 Veil Of Delusions
21:30 Carnation
22:30 Izegrim

A new chapter

Hello everyone!

As you might have noticed, it has been somewhat quiet around Veil Of Delusions during the last couple of months. The reason behind this silence is that during last summer, Martin and Jeffrey decided that they wanted to move into a different musical direction and therefore no longer wanted to be part of Veil Of Delusions.

In the months that followed we have been working very hard to get Veil Of Delusions back on track, and as a result of that we are now very happy to announce that we have found two brand new bandmembers with Cas Wensink as our new bass player and Simon Onbelet as our guitarist. The first songwriting sessions have turned out to be very promising and we are very exited to tell that we will have more news concerning new shows and material in the near future.

Get ready guys, 'cause Veil Of Delusions is back in business!